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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"She Turned Six !!!"

Already turning 6 months for this month, so far she had been able to :

1. Experimenting her vocal. Babbling from the lower tune until the high pitch tune.
Among the sounds which I caught her babbling are : Ba-ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma-ma, grrrrr-grrrr-grrrrr, zzzz-zzzzz, nyam-nyam-nyam, ouuuu-ouuu-ouuu, nen-nen-nen and da-da-da,...
Sometimes I can't tell either she's not uncomfortable or just playfully screaming her lung out.
2. She can crawls on four.
3. Able to sit on her own for a few period of time and can sit longer with support. During this time , she always try to sit on her own when playing with her toys.
4. Standing up with support. Her motivation is trying to reach for things on the couch.
Especially on tv remote control.
Better grab the rattle first, it's nearer to my other hand.

Mommy let me help you fold the cloths ya !!!..

5. Knows very well how to demands for her need.
6. Start her 1st solid.
7. She is starting to have preference on who she wants to be with and of course the 1st person she always asking  to be carry is me.
8. She is definitely loves the sound of splashing water when she plays in the water with her hands and legs. But when it's come to put on her pj and diaper she would try to run away from it. ( Mummy and daddy often have to struggle to cope with her on this part. )

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