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Monday, January 18, 2010


I know.......probably I am the last woman on the earth who just watched this movie.
By the time I was looking forward to watch Twilight, "New Moon" the 2nd saga of Twilight is already in the cinema, ..( still haven't watch it yet, have to wait for the original DVD out ).

Initially I was searching for the paperback but there were no where to be found in town. I asked Popular and they are on the way to re-stock the item. I really cannot wait for the paperback to arrive so I went to buy the DVD, luckily there're some left at the SPEEDY.

Watched the movie last night when Ava was sleeping and guess what...I found the story line was very simple, no extraordinary scene which amazed me but...............I fall in love with the vampire ( Edward Cullen ), if I am a teenager, this is the man of my dream !!!grrrrrrrr  ;p hahahaha, silly me....

Mysterious, unpredictable  and forbidden love  ...everything about this Edward Cullen character energize and make me feel lively like a teenager. "You know", those were the time when you have all the silly dreams and fantasy. Head over heel kind of love.
Forget for awhile that I am a mother of one and it will be months before i say goodbye to my twenties.
Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson)..you are truly something!

By the way, in real life, I don't think I wanted to have a vampire( even as handsome as Edward ) staring and looking at me while  I am sleeping ...Freaky!!!!!



Angel said...

Dun worry, Sheena. You're the second last person who haven't watched it. I'll be the last because I haven't watched it as well! Haha.

Mo tengok la ni nnt. Hehe.

Sheena said...

Sama la kita ni Angel..hahaha.

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