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Friday, January 29, 2010

Upcoming Wedding..What to wear?

http://www.emocutez.comWe'll be attending a wedding on this weekend. ( Hubby's friend )
Two more days before the wedding,  I just realized I don't have anything to wear. All my nursing  tops  doesn't really make it discreet when Ava's nursing in public. Last time,during Chua and Viviens' wedding, I had to find a decent place to nursed Ava since my outfit didn't really manage to cover "me", so I kept on walking in and out from the hotel ballroom whenever Ava wanted to nurse.
This time I decided to stay on my table during Ava's nursing time, no more walking out and about, I don't want to miss anything! So the last few days I was browsing through fabulousmom.com website (Yes, I did an online shopping again..)and  found out that they are having a 20% to 70% sale on nursing tops.
Yess!! Indeed it's a coincidence. I chose to get a Sequins Dark Pink sleeve top, it's simple yet very chick to wear as a wedding dinner outfit.  The front double layer to access the nursing slits at the sides makes it easier to breastfeed in discreet without showing any unwanted skin expos√© .
Doesn't these looks nice for a nursing tops?

I bought it "on the dot" and requested to send it before Friday.
It was a prompt delivery. I received the parcel by Thursday noon.
( bought it on Wednesday).
The top is as good as in the picture (What you see is what you get.)!!It's a stretchable fabric and very comfortable to wear plus I don't spend too much on the price. Usually for a breastfeed outfit it can cost up to RM100++.

Looking forward to attend the wedding and  hopefully Carol and Tony will be bringing their baby's as well!!

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