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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Meal...Happy Heinys

     You might wondering why I have so many of Happy Heinys brand cloth diaper? The reason is, I cannot resist the temptation on getting  their printed cd!! I loved printed cloth diapers and this is one of the cloth diaper brand from United States which is affordable. The cute prints keep me happy just by looking at it..haha.
Not only HH cd is beautiful but well functioning too!! There was one time when I didn't have a chance to change Ava diaper and only got the hand of it at 2 a.m (unchanged from 1p.m), I was terrified it would be soaking wet but surprisingly, there was only a slight of dampness on top of the fleece and her bottom was still dry..phewww!!
The custom milled fleece is soft to touch and even after washing  it so many times, the fleece stay soft. ( but not as soft as the first time you got it from the package ) I still consider the fleece is soft compare to Bum Genius fleece. (BumG is still on my top list, nonetheless!). It comes with 2 microfiber insert. Don't like the insert quite much though, I always stuffed on BumGenius or hemp insert in my Happy Heinys, it absorb more. So far I have not yet experience any leaks with this brand even.

Even Ava also love her Happy Heinys printed cds!!
"Mommy nature's call!!!!"
"let me see which one should I change to.!!???
"aha..got it...mommy can you help me with this one?"
"Why the florescent color?"
"It is night already and I am going to do some crawling before bed. You know for safety reasons"

All in all,
I love my Happy Heinys!!

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