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Friday, January 15, 2010

My Babywearing & Cloth-Diapering mania!!!

As you all can read at my profile I put myself as a cloth diapering and baby wearing craze. Indeed I am, guilty as charged!!

So far I have few pieces of cloth diapers  in various colors, prints and also brands.  Recently, I caught a "BIG SALE" from of a few e-stores and therefore my cloth diaper stash had grow abruptly. I need to do a head count (or rather bum count) of how many CD i've got, some of them are still coming, some in the laundry basket, some in the dryer, some nicely folded in Ava's drawer. They are all over the place!!!need to count them again.!!!

 My baby wearing interest also start very humbly. Starting from only having a ring sling and a pouch during my confinement turns into getting another ring sling, another pouch,a Baby Bjorn SSC, a Mei Tai, a wrap and currently I just received my very own Jumpsac SSC.

All with good reason, there's a reason why I bought those at that sequence. In my defense, this is not an impulsive buying.

So far, I've been 100%  cloth diapering converter, except during last Christmas when we had a trip to Bundu Tuhan Ranau (my hometown), we had to put Ava on fully disposable because it's "a winter season at Bundu Tuhan", plus we don't have washing machine.

Cloth diapering is great, especially when I had a realization that the disposable is ruining our mother earth. (A disposable diaper may take up to 500 years to decompose!! )

Easy to handle,reusable, chicks style and therapeutic (the color, the prints, the design plus the waterproof layer ...it makes me happy to "get my hands" all those CDs.)
Baby wearing Ava is the only way to get her to sleep easily and less crying. To get me motivate to carry her often, I tried different type of baby wearing which some of it have various kind of  pretty prints and can actually support your back from aching when carrying a baby.
So here I am, blogging while digging in various cloth-diapering and babywearing websites. I am on my lookout for Chinese New year big sales, one can never be to early to hunt for sales. Online window shopping is so exciting, I just never get bored reading the sites and comparing sites.
I will be posting more on my experiences on cd-ing and baby wearing with my little Ava.
For a new mommy like me, baby wearing makes me feel confident to care for my little one and changing diaper is no longer a chores, it's like a playing dressing up and you get to do it every so often.

And if you have to carry your baby why not make it a fashion statement, with the colorful print on your baby bum and also the to die for carrier design.

 Carried Ava with the Snugg Mei Tai..
This is not the correct way to do a front carry a baby in a Mei Tai.
I supposed to put her higher until Ava's head parallel with my neck and can kiss easily on top off her head.

Ava with her Happy Heinys. 


mama danial and eva said...

hi sheena. nice blog u have here :). i agree, cloth diapering is totally addictive and mei tai is so easy to use. pretty meitai you have here as well. have a good day :)

farheavena said...

Cloth diapering IS great! Keep it up. I hven't really caught the babywearing bug yet (i have YET to receive my order of ring sling from SNUGGbaby), but i wont be surprise if I do!:-D

Sheena said...

Hi mama danial, thanks...yes cd-ing indeed very addicted.
Once we get used practising tying the mei tai, it's just got so easy to adjust it.May I know what type of mei tai do you have?

Farheavena, Snuggbaby rs is fabulous and very pretty...u gotta try their Mei Tai, very cozy and droolworthy!!

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