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Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting Solid!!

As usual, when we become the newly parent we tend to get excited in everything that our baby experienced for the first time.
On Ava's 6 months 5 days old at 6th January 2010, was to be the 1st time she started eating solid food. The menu was"grinded brown rice". Hubby and I were both excited and as for me, I can't help of feeling a little sad that she's taken the first steps towards weaning. But solid would not be the replacement for breastfeeding..this will  only be as a supplement till she's reaching 1 year old. :)

On the first attempt, she already know how to put it inside her mouth.

She felt it was a bit hard to aim on the spoon with her mouth alone so she used her hand to guide the spoon (actually it is more to grab the spoon).

Apparently she's getting more excited with the spoon than the food.

Didn't want to take it out from her mouth..hubby was trying to pull back the spoon but she refused to let go of it..look at that cunning face.

2nd attempt on eating solids. The rice cereal smeared all over her mouth and bibs.

Look at me..Am I the cutest thing you have ever seen??hahaha..

The face of a proud daddy..
Ava : "Mummy, forget about taking picture, I want my spooonnn!!"


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