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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diapers Action pixz Ava part III...

And some sweet thoughts for mothers out there...:)

Fancy Pants fitted.
Cultivating friendships provides nourishment for your heart!

Eli Monster Fitted Minky in cheetah.."Roarrr"...
A mother's love grows as does the reach of her child's hug.

Reading session with adorable aunt Maddy.

Piano session also with aunt Maddy

With her money box...

Errr...I have no idea what has gone wrong with this girl..

Watch out!!The Lamb is peeping!!!

Loving mothers put their own dreams on hold to help their children's dream come true.

The sound of her laughing is music to my ears..

Afternoon snack..Poverty Jane version 1 at her bum bum.

Poverty Jane version 2..Trimmer.

The greatest gift a mother gives is her unwavering belief in her child's potential.

"Boll..Boll(Bumble) "....
Our children  learn only what we teach  them. If we allow ourselves  to fly, to dream, to love ..
They will do the same.

A road towards maturity....
A mother's instinct  tells her when to protect her young.
Her intuition tells her when to let her young roam free.

Preparing to do the "Karate Stance"...

Glow diaper glow, help us to track Ava in the dark!!

In a child's universe, a mother shines like a thousand brilliant suns.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something To Remind Me Of My Daughter in the Future....

Imagine yourself learning a foreign language, how fast can you pick up that language..my experience tells me its very hard to do. But my baby, she has open my eyes and perhaps it is not that impossible and with persistence and genuine interest it might be possible to learn foreign language. Another thing is that unlike adult baby is not so self  Conscious, they just practice and practice and  practice without any worries that they are saying it wrong.

Now she's One Years ++and she is able to express herself  in some words ..( a few words perhaps). Perhaps this is like a common happening after you have more kids, but for this first time I just want to remember and froze the moment (and to remind myself in case I forget in the future) that I am just AMAZE!!!!!

Her first words are:
Boop (Book)
Birb  (Bird)
Boll.. (Bumble our pet and dog in general)
Bubow (Bye bye)
Hep (Help)
Mama / Nenen
Shooos (Shoes)
Body parts which she recognizes /knows:
Belly Button

She knows how to communicate with us with the sign language :
Father (Yeah, but so far she has not done any "mother" sign yet, perhaps she doesn't have to)
More Food
Stand Up
Sit Down
Nodded if she agreed
Shake head if she doesn't agreed

Having said that  could it be that she knows more than what she express, reminds me not to talk as if she is not around cos she sure does understand....
 One thing at least she can communicate with us with less frustration and we are able to understand her and her needs better.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Today...

8.30 a.m : Wake up feeling slightly sluggish. Hubby and Ava awake already. ( I need to sleep more..yawn!!)
                ~ The sun was up..getting the overnight laundry under the sun!! Doing some more laundry.
                ~Fed Ava...halfway eating, she refused to eat the porridge, 
                  ends up I just gave her the organic cereal. ( She finished it without hesitation)
9.00 a.m : Took my bath while waiting for my gal finished her business (Pooping) and while she's watching 
                her favorite show at the telly..( I know hubby mentioned this morning don't let her watched any telly
                today but I need to take my bath peacefully )...
10.00 a.m :It's  Reading time for Ava ( After took her bath)
10.30 a.m :Ava took her morning nap.
                 ~ Mommy went online.
11.00 a.m : Mommy still online....forgot that there were another laundry to dry!
11.30 a.m : Prepare to cook for lunch.
12.30 p.m : Still  cooking. 
1.00 p.m : Eating lunch with hubby and Ava just awake.
               ~Hanging laundries( Yes I did my laundry at 1p.m!!)
               ~Lunch time for my lil princess!! ( Her menu : chick peas, chicken and grinded brown rice..yummy)
2.00 p.m : Doing some drawing while Ava doing her own thing without telly.
3.00 p.m : She insisted on watching her Barney. ( Mommy back to online )
4.00 p.m : Ava found a box of small hard drive tools from the computer table.
               ~ Watching her as she took her seat on the floor and started to take out everything from the box.
                  Mommy said," Ava, don't put it on your mouth okay, its very very dirty."
                  She nodded towards me. But later she tried to put the stuff in her mouth.
                 " Ava, its dirty," she looked at me, 
                 nodded again and put the thumb drive back in the box and continue checking on each of the item 
                 until she was satisfied (without putting anything to her mouth..) 
4.30 p.m : She showed a sign to sleep..put her to nap and I am surfing and blogging till this time...

I must say me too, got hit by the Monday Blues bug....

Total Diaper Usage....

For 3 days!!

I haven't got chances to fold Ava's diapers for 3 days since I got stuck with other commitment..even the other laundry also still laying flat in the laundry storage(sigh)..... 

Neatly folded..
27 diapers usage all together for total 3 days.
The 1st row from the left are pockets, 2nd row AI2s and the rest are all fitteds.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morning Reading...

The first thing in the morning after she woke up, she would ask either me or hubby to read her the Dr.Seuss book. She's enjoy listening to it very much!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Love Of chair...

Sitting on this rattan couch while playing with the Mei Tai..

But sitting at the corner of the room while watching telly?
(Mama need to take a break once in awhile;))......

For sure it was the chair which was making her interested and willing to watch her Barney from far away...
My lil adorable baby gal already grown up!!How time flies..(Sigh)

Next day, still prefer to sit on this chair..

Concentrating watching at her fav shows.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need to remind this for myself......

Last week, hubby and I had a long conversation  with a wise lady. One of our many topic was a story about one of her friend daughter / teenager. To make the story long short, these are the conclusion to the story.
Apparently her friend's daughter somehow has deleted her mother from her Facebook account.
The daughter thought that her mother didn't respect her privacy, not only didn't trust her but threatened to bring her back home out from her boarding school on which she stayed and study. Comparing , arguing  and questioning on her ability made the girl restless and spontaneously deleting her mother from her FB account.
My 1st respond was,
"Serve you right!"( I refer to the mother).
I can't believe this, in this 21st centuries, there still parents who still don't have any idea on how a teenager tupsy turvy life would be. With all the social media comes in one pieces..Facebook, Internet, I phone, I pod, additional extra circle of friends and so on..are lurking among our teenagers world..does this type of method(Pushing your kids to the limit as you desire)still applicable??  There must be a proper perspective other than to follow our own feeling on what to do to our kid.
I would want to echo this from my own personal of view. As tempted as you pictured them in the future through your planted wishes since the day that they were born, unfortunately you would not be able to create them as what you have desired. You have a right to facilitate your kid but....you don't have any right to ruin their privacy by reading their mail, or  telling them to be like other super-clever or super-hardworking kid or strictly telling them to get straight A's on their examination, or even judging their ability in doing things.
All of these matters are going to ruin your relationship with your kid. If it's not soonest, it will be later when they're married and have kids.
I am totally understand with the poor girl situation as I was(once) having a circle of friend who their parents were perfectionist. And most of them, their opinion or point of view were ignored by their parents. Not even given a chance to reason and explained further on what they had been through with their struggle in daily life. Thus,it was a good friend who would always lend a shoulder to cry on whenever it was too much to bear..
As this wise lady said, when your kid is reaching their teenage-hood, they would turned into a totally different person.
Hormonal changes, sexuality curiosity, endless questions on their own self esteem and many more challenges they need to face..The only parent can do is to give a total support and understanding towards their finding on their new-self.( And be nice with their friend, sometimes we would finally see our teen true-self from their friend views.)   Parents need to learn on  how to give and take in whatever the situation it is.Don't just jumping into conclusion without looking at it thoroughly...

Last but not least, don't be mistaken by the terms of "facilitate" and "commanding" . Understand both of the meaning wisely otherwise, our kid might just delete us as well from their cyber page in the future....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Babywearing Action Pixs...

Drowsy.....In the SleepyWrap.

Jumpsac Soft Structured carrier..
In the Snugg Mei Tai

Woven wrap (Along with her great grandpa during a trip to Ranau)

Not nicely wrapped / tied thou Ava was still comfortably sleeping......
hehehe...Trying on Annette's wrap conversion to Mei Tai..
The "trying2x only" lasted until a few hours at Financial center, Labuan while waiting for Annette and Flo to pick us up!!

I totally forgot what's the name of these Mei Tai's but they are definitely  very comfy to carry these two Baby Bops!!

Ava in the Red Patapum Toddler Soft Structured Carrier and Lucy in the wrap conversion carrier..(Annette, need your help to name each of these conversion Mei Tai!!)
Annette's lil Baby Bop's soundly sleeping in the wrap conversion carrier...  

Taking care of my lil girl (she was slightly feverish after came back  from Labuan) in the Niu Niu London Mei Tai...by the next day, she's back in action again !!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Unexpected Fluffy Mail

Flo came home with a white parcel within his elbow. My first thought that those must be his work documents but not until he asked me.
"I thought no more buying any diapers?"
Me,curious looking at the parcel,
"Huh??Those are for me?" 
He handed me the envelope and I was surprised that it sent out quiet early than I expected to be and I haven't plan any good excuses to inform Flo that there would be a parcel delivers  thru his office address by the next two weeks to come.(This parcel comes from the States and I thought it would be better sending it via hubby's address for safety reason.)
I was so excited till almost forgot that Flo still waiting for my reply.
"Err..this is not diapers, they are wools!"
"Oh yeah?But they're still the same lah," Flo rolled his eyes.
"Oh it's not the same, these were custom made specifically meant for night time cover , each of these has an extra absorbent layers and I got them on SALE!" and that's a magic word!!A SALE......
After awhile he seemed to get in my shoes and making remarks on how soft the Merino wool felt.
"They are pretty well made and with such prices, these are good..." said Flo, at last.
When Flo was about to change different topic in our conversation, he caught a glimpse of a yellow slip on top of the computer table.
" Are you expecting another mail again to arrive ?"
Oh no...why why I put it there....
"Oh that, the slip has been in our mailbox since last week during our trip to Labuan, I just called them for a re-attempt delivery", I said pretending to be cool.
"Wow..I bet the postman already knows you very well,"
Well...at least he made a joke.

I ordered these along with another cool mama. 
A total Merino Capri and a longies.With a star and a flower applique.

Inside, placed another extra layers of wool for extra coverage .

Ava with her new overnight longies.

Hmmm....the flower applique should go in front..haha, I put it wrongly on her, oh well.

The other mail was these... A GoodMama The One (AI2) from Maybel

.......along with her complimentary adorable cloth wipes(DIY)..
I really like how she custom made the wipes with Ava initial on top of both of the wipes!Thanks Maybel!!!

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