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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Please Help Me Get The Ball"

Yesterday I was not feeling well. I was down with the fever, joint ache and flu, all at the same time. I was literally unfit, just laying on the couch and hoping that the sickness would go away soon. The good thing is that, it force me to sit back and relax. House duties to the bare necessity and what better things to do than read a novel.    

While I was reading and giggling at my favorite novel (Sophie Kinsella), I heard Ava's babbling voice  from the guest room. She went out from the room and approached me and utter a one syllabic word,
"Ba(ll)" the ll almost silent.

I gathered my strength and walked to the guess room and searched for her ball through all the corners of the room. Ava followed me from behind and pointed to a small ball  in her crib. Oh there it is!!!, all this while this cute ball with Sponge Bob prints has been M.I.A.

(BTW Ava has abondoned her crib and the crib has been a convenient storage place for mommy. Reminds me that i need to do alot of de-cluttering and ZENning the house) 

Ava was actually asking me to get the ball in the crib, while I was thinking, the ball could have been some place else. Ava's little action  is such a delight to me. I fell so much better after that :-)

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