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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Unexpected Fluffy Mail

Flo came home with a white parcel within his elbow. My first thought that those must be his work documents but not until he asked me.
"I thought no more buying any diapers?"
Me,curious looking at the parcel,
"Huh??Those are for me?" 
He handed me the envelope and I was surprised that it sent out quiet early than I expected to be and I haven't plan any good excuses to inform Flo that there would be a parcel delivers  thru his office address by the next two weeks to come.(This parcel comes from the States and I thought it would be better sending it via hubby's address for safety reason.)
I was so excited till almost forgot that Flo still waiting for my reply.
"Err..this is not diapers, they are wools!"
"Oh yeah?But they're still the same lah," Flo rolled his eyes.
"Oh it's not the same, these were custom made specifically meant for night time cover , each of these has an extra absorbent layers and I got them on SALE!" and that's a magic word!!A SALE......
After awhile he seemed to get in my shoes and making remarks on how soft the Merino wool felt.
"They are pretty well made and with such prices, these are good..." said Flo, at last.
When Flo was about to change different topic in our conversation, he caught a glimpse of a yellow slip on top of the computer table.
" Are you expecting another mail again to arrive ?"
Oh no...why why I put it there....
"Oh that, the slip has been in our mailbox since last week during our trip to Labuan, I just called them for a re-attempt delivery", I said pretending to be cool.
"Wow..I bet the postman already knows you very well,"
Well...at least he made a joke.

I ordered these along with another cool mama. 
A total Merino Capri and a longies.With a star and a flower applique.

Inside, placed another extra layers of wool for extra coverage .

Ava with her new overnight longies.

Hmmm....the flower applique should go in front..haha, I put it wrongly on her, oh well.

The other mail was these... A GoodMama The One (AI2) from Maybel

.......along with her complimentary adorable cloth wipes(DIY)..
I really like how she custom made the wipes with Ava initial on top of both of the wipes!Thanks Maybel!!!


Mei Hooi said...

wow.. you are expecting more and more fluffy mail!! Hehehe.. There's more to come with the group buy... :P

Sheena said...

yes indeed and that's why I need to let go some of the diapers to fill in the upcoming new prints....hehe.

mhyap said...

got to make sure your hubby didn't read your blog lor... :P

mhyap said...

Opss.. Didn't noticed i posted comment using my other ID pulak...

Sheena said...

hahaha..I do hope he would miss reading this post!!LOL!!!

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