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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Today...

8.30 a.m : Wake up feeling slightly sluggish. Hubby and Ava awake already. ( I need to sleep more..yawn!!)
                ~ The sun was up..getting the overnight laundry under the sun!! Doing some more laundry.
                ~Fed Ava...halfway eating, she refused to eat the porridge, 
                  ends up I just gave her the organic cereal. ( She finished it without hesitation)
9.00 a.m : Took my bath while waiting for my gal finished her business (Pooping) and while she's watching 
                her favorite show at the telly..( I know hubby mentioned this morning don't let her watched any telly
                today but I need to take my bath peacefully )...
10.00 a.m :It's  Reading time for Ava ( After took her bath)
10.30 a.m :Ava took her morning nap.
                 ~ Mommy went online.
11.00 a.m : Mommy still online....forgot that there were another laundry to dry!
11.30 a.m : Prepare to cook for lunch.
12.30 p.m : Still  cooking. 
1.00 p.m : Eating lunch with hubby and Ava just awake.
               ~Hanging laundries( Yes I did my laundry at 1p.m!!)
               ~Lunch time for my lil princess!! ( Her menu : chick peas, chicken and grinded brown rice..yummy)
2.00 p.m : Doing some drawing while Ava doing her own thing without telly.
3.00 p.m : She insisted on watching her Barney. ( Mommy back to online )
4.00 p.m : Ava found a box of small hard drive tools from the computer table.
               ~ Watching her as she took her seat on the floor and started to take out everything from the box.
                  Mommy said," Ava, don't put it on your mouth okay, its very very dirty."
                  She nodded towards me. But later she tried to put the stuff in her mouth.
                 " Ava, its dirty," she looked at me, 
                 nodded again and put the thumb drive back in the box and continue checking on each of the item 
                 until she was satisfied (without putting anything to her mouth..) 
4.30 p.m : She showed a sign to sleep..put her to nap and I am surfing and blogging till this time...

I must say me too, got hit by the Monday Blues bug....

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