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Monday, August 9, 2010

Babywearing Action Pixs...

Drowsy.....In the SleepyWrap.

Jumpsac Soft Structured carrier..
In the Snugg Mei Tai

Woven wrap (Along with her great grandpa during a trip to Ranau)

Not nicely wrapped / tied thou Ava was still comfortably sleeping......
hehehe...Trying on Annette's wrap conversion to Mei Tai..
The "trying2x only" lasted until a few hours at Financial center, Labuan while waiting for Annette and Flo to pick us up!!

I totally forgot what's the name of these Mei Tai's but they are definitely  very comfy to carry these two Baby Bops!!

Ava in the Red Patapum Toddler Soft Structured Carrier and Lucy in the wrap conversion carrier..(Annette, need your help to name each of these conversion Mei Tai!!)
Annette's lil Baby Bop's soundly sleeping in the wrap conversion carrier...  

Taking care of my lil girl (she was slightly feverish after came back  from Labuan) in the Niu Niu London Mei Tai...by the next day, she's back in action again !!


Hanz said...

Wah Sheena..u really indulge in BW.. :)

Sheena said...

Hanz, yes..babywearing is the one that keeping my sanity until now...hehehe.....

MH Yap said...

Hehehe... Hanz wanna join the boat?

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