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-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diapers Action pixz Ava part III...

And some sweet thoughts for mothers out there...:)

Fancy Pants fitted.
Cultivating friendships provides nourishment for your heart!

Eli Monster Fitted Minky in cheetah.."Roarrr"...
A mother's love grows as does the reach of her child's hug.

Reading session with adorable aunt Maddy.

Piano session also with aunt Maddy

With her money box...

Errr...I have no idea what has gone wrong with this girl..

Watch out!!The Lamb is peeping!!!

Loving mothers put their own dreams on hold to help their children's dream come true.

The sound of her laughing is music to my ears..

Afternoon snack..Poverty Jane version 1 at her bum bum.

Poverty Jane version 2..Trimmer.

The greatest gift a mother gives is her unwavering belief in her child's potential.

"Boll..Boll(Bumble) "....
Our children  learn only what we teach  them. If we allow ourselves  to fly, to dream, to love ..
They will do the same.

A road towards maturity....
A mother's instinct  tells her when to protect her young.
Her intuition tells her when to let her young roam free.

Preparing to do the "Karate Stance"...

Glow diaper glow, help us to track Ava in the dark!!

In a child's universe, a mother shines like a thousand brilliant suns.


Steps to Crystal Princess said...

Where to get those glow in the dark snaps. I like it... Should be I love it.

Sheena said...

Its actually a night diaper I got from Joanne..The Guirella Fluff diaper..hehe but I m not sure where to get these glow in a dark snap...

MH Yap said...

There is a few supplier from China that supply the glow in the dark snap. But then again you'll have to buy in bulks if you want to get it cheap... :p

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