Quote of the Day.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

-Arthur Ashe (1943-1993); American tennis player, social activist

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I remembered the last time I was celebrating holidays with dear hubby either coming back to Kota Kinabalu or going somewhere else we were full of freedom. We could just easily hanging out with friends until dawn at the club or in one of our friends' houses without worried what would come next. We would be out somewhere at town doing nothing but sightseeing,sleeping like a log the whole journey while travelling to one destination to another  and many many more which only include the two of us.
But now as Ava comes which makes the three of us, there are no more late night movies, no more lepaking(hang out) around till dawn and no more sleeping in the car(I would be busy to entertain Ava the whole journey(if she's not sleeping) and picking toys under the car seat) ...
Somehow, even though I don't have anymore my quiet "me alone times".The amazing thing is, I feel fullfilled.

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Ava?!!" "Aaa...baaa!!"

This morning I was calling Ava from the room to take her morning bath.
"Ava!!come here.."She didn't showed up, usually she would go to the room whenever we called her out.
"Ava come here and take your bath.."still got no answer from the living room. Out to check as calling on her.
She was at the kitchen door and walking toward me and answering loudly.
"A..baaa, A...baaaa".

This evening we went out to buy some groceries and while riding in the car daddy was playing with her from the review mirror.
"Ava..where's your mouth? Here's daddy's mouth,"as daddy pointed his mouth from the mirror.
Ava looked at daddy, turned to me and pointed her little finger to my mouth.
Again I asked, "Ava, can you point to mommy's mouth?"
She pointed and touched again at my mouth .
Mommy,"Can you point to mommy's nose?"
She looked at me for awhile and then backed to her Tiger again to play. Ok, done for today.

This night, as I was folding laundries, after having satisfaction on kicking her ball to the kitchen, Ava came to me and signed "sit" with her finger to me this was the first time she ever did that!! . (I guessed she wanted to sleep already thats why she signed "sit", she wanted me to sit her in my arms and bring her to the room. She did insist to go to the room after that.)
I guess all the DVD for kids with kids  doing Sign Language and saying action words is not just a random DVD show , they really work at teaching her something !! Of course we didn't let the DVD babysit her all the time (hehehe) , me and hubby have to participate and watched the DVD together. Trust me you can only watch the DVD so many times; the repetition can really blow your adult mind. But for AVA if we have to sing Old McDonald 5 times a day/7 days a week and it makes her happy, why not :-P

Simple Guide Of Happiness

1. Free your heart from hate.

2. Free your mind from worry.

3. Live simple

4. Give more.

5. Expect less.

If you have been blessed by this message, send it to your loved ones or your friends.
It's the way we touch each other with simple truth that spread goodness in the world.
Who knows a miracle may happens as a result!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Somehow, somewhere

I wish I can see life as easy as it is...Anyway, somehow, all of us are trapped in this complicated living. Remember, its not only you alone who got trapped.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am having a headache...lalalala...haven't sleep much since yesterday..It's feels like I have butterfly on top of my head..Ouchhh,,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Mommy, I m hungry.."

This last few days my lil princess would awake on the very early hours in the morning(3-4 a.m) and crying. I wonder if this is because of her teething discomfort, hungry or just a bad dream. Today we increased her food intake to 5 meals a day(instead of the usual 3 times a day) and surprisingly she finished up each of the meal. Probably she's hungry the whole morning and mommy's milk alone just ain't enough for her anymore..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Walk Tiger..walk!!

Ava has graduated from her walker. Now she is teaching "Tiger" how to walk .

 "Ok, here we go!!"

  "Shhh..mommy will put you down nicely, don't be scared ya.."

"Ok..will put you inside the walker very gently."


Tiger along with the camera casing.

"Hmmm, the two big hole are to big for your two tiny leg."

"Ok Tiger, ready once again...1,2,3!!"


"Ok Tiger, sit properly, going to push you now.."

Upside down!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jimmy Choo's For Baby??

What high heels are not for kids!! So  Jimmy Choo's is out of the question than..

The other day, once we put her on the floor of Bulevard Restaurant, there is no turning back for Ava. She just arched her back when we put her on the high chair and didn't want to be carried, she just wants to go down on the floor and walk around the table in her socks. Her socks were all black and dirty, she literally cleaned the floor, we should get a discount from restaurant cos we bring our cleaning lady with us to dinner.
I guess she is ready for a walking shoe, so  here we are at Parkson for her very  first shoes shopping and fitting ...
The first shoes Ava tried was from Kiko. The sole was a bit too stiff for her and she was  making "a face" when she tried to walk (she was glued to the floor).
Ava," Hmmmm daddy, why don't we go and take a look at Disney's corner?I can see Mickey Mouse is waving at me".

 ADIDAS!!Tempted!!All the features are excellent
but sadly the price is a bit too much for a growing feet... you know what we went to the crocs section we didn't even try it cos it is just ridiculously priced; the baby crocs is the same price with the adult crocs go figure!!!.basically the material for the shoe cost peanuts it is just the logo that you buy.

Ava showing her skills with Adidas. She can really shuffle!!

 "What mommy?I'm not going to get Adidas?But I like it!"

 After much comparisons, finally Ava decided to let go of the Adidas and got the Anakku kid shoes instead.  The sole's is very well cushioned, the design is a little bit similar with Adidas(that's what mommy's thought) and the best thing was the price is far not to heavy for daddys pocket.( A very good bargain indeed!).
 And it comes with a "pit-pit". (So we would know if you have walked far away)

 "Ava, put that back on the shelf, its not yours!!well unless if daddy wants pay.."

 My first ever walking shoes!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Love...

     After I letting go of my beloved Jumpsac SSC, I bravely took a chance to invest another different brand of Soft Structured Carrier(SSC). With the assurance from one of my cyber-mom friend, I then chose the Patapum Toddler SSC which I never tried and tested before( and put me a lot of risk for investing in such quiet expensive amount of $$)!!
So last week the SSC which I ordered from Li the owner of Tiny Tapir store arrived on my doorstep in the early morning ( I was actually jumping off the seat when I  heard the sound of the Pos Laju van honking outside the house gate,hahaha).I brought it quickly to the house and  kept on glancing at the parcel while feeding Ava as she still hasn't finished her breakfast yet.After she finished, I quickly tore up the parcel and a thick red color sturdy fabric material came in view.
I was nervous.."What if this thing doesn't match with my expectation?!"
I put it on, buckled the waist pad around my waist and carried  Ava to my back..while I was still figuring out on how to buckle and balance all the straps in, Ava already fallen asleep on my back!! So I had to put her down and waited till she woke up from her morning nap. Afternoon came, I tried it for the 2nd attempt and to make the story short, after Ava was safely buckled up to my back... I did the laundry, watering the plant, hang laundries outside the house and even prepared dishes for lunch ! Much to my surprised, with Ava was still at my back for the whole time,I haven't experienced any shoulder pain yet!!I really liked it! I was actually looking for a carrier with this kind of feature, the back carry position without making our shoulder in strain.
Ava also enjoying her new found position..usually I will put her on front carry whenever I carried her with the previous SSC. I was relieved that this was one of many items which I bought for good and it will not going to be lying wastefully on top of our store room cabinet( Just like our Baby Bjorn carrier).

So here are my action pixs with my new found love..:))

Ava's enjoying the view from the back and mummy is all smiling because from now on mummy can do window shopping and house chores without the little cute arms trying to reach whatever things mummy's holding.

It felt very weightless- The perfect back carrier for toddlers.

For mommies and daddies out there who are still looking for a perfect carrier for your baby/kid. Try to give it a test-drive first before investing one. Different individuals has their own different kind of expectation and needs.Some may choose pretty and cute designs for the SSC body panel along with excellent features(which is far more expensive!!) and some people may prefer to choose a simplicity yet sturdier material.
If I have given a chance, I also wanted to have the printed body panel but my budget doesn't allowed me to exceed my limit, and it also depends on how much do you willing to pay for it.

That's all for now folks!!Good night and have a nice weekend ahead!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Action pixs Ava Part I

So many things to be written down in so little time. For the time being, enjoy yourself on Ava's pic with her various design of diapers..Yeah!!Mummy is mastered on making Ava posed with her cloth diapers...

Snuggle Pant Capri Wool Longies : Wool act as the cover (natural waterproof barrier)for  fitted diaper as fitted don't have any waterproof layer.

Is this wool warm??Wool comes in many different kind of type,as far as I know lightweight medium wool is suitable for daytime and anything which says it is felted lambswool or 100percent lambswool then it is suitable for overnight use.
( Please correct me if this is wrong.)
The wool is adjustable in a hot and humid or cold weather..It will keep you warm in cold days and cool in hot days.How cool is that!!

Another action pix with the same Snuggle Pant Capri, the size of the  Capri is just nice with her height..she left her Tiger behind.

I love this wool shorty!!As you can see it has a big Love applique on the fanny.

Ava with daddy...

Wearing a pocket diaper Bumwear in Superman print.

Funky Pink Bumwear.

Enjoying holding her "Tiger" while watching her favorite kid show.

Snuggle Pant in Pretty Pink Striped Shorties.She's making her move!!!

Ava with Monkeez All In One Wild Paisley.
 "Climb Ava, jangan tidak panjat"....

Good night everyone!!!Ava in Monkeez NiteNite fitted before mummy put her on the wool longies to keep her legs warm during sleep.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My very first year on celebrating Mother's Day with my very own child.
I never realized until today that this special day put on special meaning for me as I was always took Mother's Day very lightly throughout these past years. Of course I would give my mother a gift on each year to tell her how much I love her and tell her how much I appreciate on all of the struggle and joyfulness in bringing me up to this world..But today,  as I am experiencing my own as well, I know from today onwards I will be celebrating Mother's Day in each year to come with a different outlook ...I feel I am actually celebrating my birthday!! I love people put greetings to me on my  facebook wall post and text messaging wishing me a Happy's Mother Day and hubby kept on wishing me the same greetings since yesterday. And yesterday,  two of my good friends and I (along with hubbies) which are also new mothers as well took the chance on getting together in a small gathering  and then proceed to dinner at a very special restaurant which served fabulous dishes!!

Potluck for a small Hi-Tea before proceeding to X-Cuisine for dinner.

Ava was trying get a better view of  Zoey's baby-TV, while ReiXin is already seated ready for the show. Their first movie.

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Isaac Baptism....

It is a great privilege for hubby to be the Godfather for Adrian and Joanne's baby boy, Isaac.
Here are the pictures to tell the story....

Me with my new Patapum Toddler carrier

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