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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My very first year on celebrating Mother's Day with my very own child.
I never realized until today that this special day put on special meaning for me as I was always took Mother's Day very lightly throughout these past years. Of course I would give my mother a gift on each year to tell her how much I love her and tell her how much I appreciate on all of the struggle and joyfulness in bringing me up to this world..But today,  as I am experiencing my own as well, I know from today onwards I will be celebrating Mother's Day in each year to come with a different outlook ...I feel I am actually celebrating my birthday!! I love people put greetings to me on my  facebook wall post and text messaging wishing me a Happy's Mother Day and hubby kept on wishing me the same greetings since yesterday. And yesterday,  two of my good friends and I (along with hubbies) which are also new mothers as well took the chance on getting together in a small gathering  and then proceed to dinner at a very special restaurant which served fabulous dishes!!

Potluck for a small Hi-Tea before proceeding to X-Cuisine for dinner.

Ava was trying get a better view of  Zoey's baby-TV, while ReiXin is already seated ready for the show. Their first movie.

Happy Mother's Day !!!


Angel said...

Happy Mother's Day Sheena! :)

C O N C O N said...

Sheena... Happy Mother's day!

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