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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jimmy Choo's For Baby??

What high heels are not for kids!! So  Jimmy Choo's is out of the question than..

The other day, once we put her on the floor of Bulevard Restaurant, there is no turning back for Ava. She just arched her back when we put her on the high chair and didn't want to be carried, she just wants to go down on the floor and walk around the table in her socks. Her socks were all black and dirty, she literally cleaned the floor, we should get a discount from restaurant cos we bring our cleaning lady with us to dinner.
I guess she is ready for a walking shoe, so  here we are at Parkson for her very  first shoes shopping and fitting ...
The first shoes Ava tried was from Kiko. The sole was a bit too stiff for her and she was  making "a face" when she tried to walk (she was glued to the floor).
Ava," Hmmmm daddy, why don't we go and take a look at Disney's corner?I can see Mickey Mouse is waving at me".

 ADIDAS!!Tempted!!All the features are excellent
but sadly the price is a bit too much for a growing feet... you know what we went to the crocs section we didn't even try it cos it is just ridiculously priced; the baby crocs is the same price with the adult crocs go figure!!!.basically the material for the shoe cost peanuts it is just the logo that you buy.

Ava showing her skills with Adidas. She can really shuffle!!

 "What mommy?I'm not going to get Adidas?But I like it!"

 After much comparisons, finally Ava decided to let go of the Adidas and got the Anakku kid shoes instead.  The sole's is very well cushioned, the design is a little bit similar with Adidas(that's what mommy's thought) and the best thing was the price is far not to heavy for daddys pocket.( A very good bargain indeed!).
 And it comes with a "pit-pit". (So we would know if you have walked far away)

 "Ava, put that back on the shelf, its not yours!!well unless if daddy wants pay.."

 My first ever walking shoes!!


C O N C O N said...

Nice! Ava will like it...:-)

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