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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Action pixs Ava Part I

So many things to be written down in so little time. For the time being, enjoy yourself on Ava's pic with her various design of diapers..Yeah!!Mummy is mastered on making Ava posed with her cloth diapers...

Snuggle Pant Capri Wool Longies : Wool act as the cover (natural waterproof barrier)for  fitted diaper as fitted don't have any waterproof layer.

Is this wool warm??Wool comes in many different kind of type,as far as I know lightweight medium wool is suitable for daytime and anything which says it is felted lambswool or 100percent lambswool then it is suitable for overnight use.
( Please correct me if this is wrong.)
The wool is adjustable in a hot and humid or cold weather..It will keep you warm in cold days and cool in hot days.How cool is that!!

Another action pix with the same Snuggle Pant Capri, the size of the  Capri is just nice with her height..she left her Tiger behind.

I love this wool shorty!!As you can see it has a big Love applique on the fanny.

Ava with daddy...

Wearing a pocket diaper Bumwear in Superman print.

Funky Pink Bumwear.

Enjoying holding her "Tiger" while watching her favorite kid show.

Snuggle Pant in Pretty Pink Striped Shorties.She's making her move!!!

Ava with Monkeez All In One Wild Paisley.
 "Climb Ava, jangan tidak panjat"....

Good night everyone!!!Ava in Monkeez NiteNite fitted before mummy put her on the wool longies to keep her legs warm during sleep.


Sarah said...

Ava has so many CDs :). They're so pretty too. From my friends stories, buying CDs can be quite addictive yeah? Can't wait to buy CDs when I get preggy once again ^_^

Sheena said...

Oh yes, once u buy a cd, probably will not going to stop buying some more until they are potty trained!!!:)(For some moms, this is seriously addictive).

farheavena said...

Very nice woolies!! I don't have any wool stuff for my CDs, but I think I better not start! :-P haha!

Sheena said...

Farhana, why don't you try just one piece of wool first?? It works miraculously!!hehehe..

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