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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Ava?!!" "Aaa...baaa!!"

This morning I was calling Ava from the room to take her morning bath.
"Ava!!come here.."She didn't showed up, usually she would go to the room whenever we called her out.
"Ava come here and take your bath.."still got no answer from the living room. Out to check as calling on her.
She was at the kitchen door and walking toward me and answering loudly.
"A..baaa, A...baaaa".

This evening we went out to buy some groceries and while riding in the car daddy was playing with her from the review mirror.
"Ava..where's your mouth? Here's daddy's mouth,"as daddy pointed his mouth from the mirror.
Ava looked at daddy, turned to me and pointed her little finger to my mouth.
Again I asked, "Ava, can you point to mommy's mouth?"
She pointed and touched again at my mouth .
Mommy,"Can you point to mommy's nose?"
She looked at me for awhile and then backed to her Tiger again to play. Ok, done for today.

This night, as I was folding laundries, after having satisfaction on kicking her ball to the kitchen, Ava came to me and signed "sit" with her finger to me this was the first time she ever did that!! . (I guessed she wanted to sleep already thats why she signed "sit", she wanted me to sit her in my arms and bring her to the room. She did insist to go to the room after that.)
I guess all the DVD for kids with kids  doing Sign Language and saying action words is not just a random DVD show , they really work at teaching her something !! Of course we didn't let the DVD babysit her all the time (hehehe) , me and hubby have to participate and watched the DVD together. Trust me you can only watch the DVD so many times; the repetition can really blow your adult mind. But for AVA if we have to sing Old McDonald 5 times a day/7 days a week and it makes her happy, why not :-P

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