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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Love...

     After I letting go of my beloved Jumpsac SSC, I bravely took a chance to invest another different brand of Soft Structured Carrier(SSC). With the assurance from one of my cyber-mom friend, I then chose the Patapum Toddler SSC which I never tried and tested before( and put me a lot of risk for investing in such quiet expensive amount of $$)!!
So last week the SSC which I ordered from Li the owner of Tiny Tapir store arrived on my doorstep in the early morning ( I was actually jumping off the seat when I  heard the sound of the Pos Laju van honking outside the house gate,hahaha).I brought it quickly to the house and  kept on glancing at the parcel while feeding Ava as she still hasn't finished her breakfast yet.After she finished, I quickly tore up the parcel and a thick red color sturdy fabric material came in view.
I was nervous.."What if this thing doesn't match with my expectation?!"
I put it on, buckled the waist pad around my waist and carried  Ava to my back..while I was still figuring out on how to buckle and balance all the straps in, Ava already fallen asleep on my back!! So I had to put her down and waited till she woke up from her morning nap. Afternoon came, I tried it for the 2nd attempt and to make the story short, after Ava was safely buckled up to my back... I did the laundry, watering the plant, hang laundries outside the house and even prepared dishes for lunch ! Much to my surprised, with Ava was still at my back for the whole time,I haven't experienced any shoulder pain yet!!I really liked it! I was actually looking for a carrier with this kind of feature, the back carry position without making our shoulder in strain.
Ava also enjoying her new found position..usually I will put her on front carry whenever I carried her with the previous SSC. I was relieved that this was one of many items which I bought for good and it will not going to be lying wastefully on top of our store room cabinet( Just like our Baby Bjorn carrier).

So here are my action pixs with my new found love..:))

Ava's enjoying the view from the back and mummy is all smiling because from now on mummy can do window shopping and house chores without the little cute arms trying to reach whatever things mummy's holding.

It felt very weightless- The perfect back carrier for toddlers.

For mommies and daddies out there who are still looking for a perfect carrier for your baby/kid. Try to give it a test-drive first before investing one. Different individuals has their own different kind of expectation and needs.Some may choose pretty and cute designs for the SSC body panel along with excellent features(which is far more expensive!!) and some people may prefer to choose a simplicity yet sturdier material.
If I have given a chance, I also wanted to have the printed body panel but my budget doesn't allowed me to exceed my limit, and it also depends on how much do you willing to pay for it.

That's all for now folks!!Good night and have a nice weekend ahead!!!


ONN said...

Haha! Feels good isn't it bila apa yg kita beli meet our expectations. :)
Mcm senang pla suma baby item ko nih nut.. x pyh lg ikat2 sarong... ba, tau la sy ni sepa mo rujuk pasal baby items ni. :)

lisa said...

aww sheena now u making me wanna own a patapum it does look sturdy and comfy from your pics but i still sayang my snugg ssc but if didnt sell it i wont have enuf fund to buy a new one..LOL ... btw have u heard of kinderpack?? it really look like a very well made ssc and i'm drooling over it...just dream one day could afford it bah hahaha!

Sheena said...

Oh no Lisa, I just drooled over Jayden's wool longies and now you got me drooling over the Kinderpack SSC!!!By the way, if u have any intention to order those in the future please do let me know!!!
Your Snugg SSC is so pretty oh, I saw it displayed at Snugg website. I love the fabric!!( its ur own material is it?)...

lisa said...

haha kinderpack looks great!! rite? haha i wish i discovered BW while my BIL still studying in US can ask him to bring back..now no more uwaaaaaaa... bout the blog badge u i got it custom made from http://hui-wearn-kids-store.blogspot.com/ only RM10 so no harm getting one haha... yesh snugg ssc using my own fabric i love the print so much feel hard wanna let it go but if got good price why not rite hahaha...

Sheena said...

Onn, this kind of SSC very easy to use,usually kalo mo beli SSC yg bagus better buy online sebab Sabah n Sarawak a bit difficult on finding the good one..buli bah, bila2 buli tanya..;).

Lisa,Thanks!!will browse through that site!!
Yeah!!If the price is good, why not?:).

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