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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Babies Night Out"

Last Sunday, we had a gathering with Anastasia and others at Zaika restaurant in celebrating her birthday in advance together with Daniel, didn't get a chance to have pictures taken but there were a few wonderful pics during that event at Anas's blog. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday to Anastasia!! her actual birthday was yesterday.
Last night, we have another gathering with our best pals along with their cute babies at Double Star restaurant and proceed to hang out at Yaw Tzong and Yin Hui place.
Here are some of the pictures taken last night.

Daddys' Duty
Look at the babies they hardly can stay still.
(Ava: Reixin are we going to your house latter? Reixin : Yeah, mommy lets go back now!!!
Zoey: I wonder if i can reach for the plates, mommy is laughing with her eyes all squished out, she wouldn't notice, heheheh)
Even mommies had lots of fun chit chatting and laughed out loud!!

Reixin : What mommy, I have to share my toys, Okay.
Ava : Auntie thanks. Reixin : Zoey and Ava you can play with my toys. Zoey: Yahoo..

Ava : I wonder how do you play with these toys, I don't have these types at home.

Zoey : Mommy let me down I want to play with Ava.
Ava : How to take out this ducky.. i bet they taste delicious...

 Reixin : Ava lets read together.
 Ava: What is that one?
Reixin : its ABC..

Ava : Reixin, I dont want to read anymore, I want to play pillow fight.
 Daddy : Ava play nicely !!! No scratching no biting no grabbing!! Sayang-sayang only..

Reixin : Okay Ava you read this one; I want to talk to my mommy first..

Ava: Three Little piglets were cooking yumn!!yumn!!! and we have charsiew and roasted pork!!!

 Father of the Year

" I am so cute" 

Reixin : Uncle can you read for us.
Ava: Reixin he will make you fall asleep with his reading (Boring!!!), Why don't we read together.


Angel said...


marilyndeasy said...

wahhh..betul2 babies day out ni! hehe...they will be bestfrens~

Sheena said...

Indeed comel kan Angel.:)

Deasy : Yaa, enjoy dorang main, by 9pm sumua dorang tidur kepenatan..haha.Parents pla start buka ghost stories...

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