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Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to resist?! I confess I'm an addict.....

It seemed I cannot put my hands off from the keyboard button and computer mouse without entering online stores and clicking the"CHECKOUT" item most of  the time . I blamed it to the "Diaperswap Forum" ;) and others mummy's blog ( which in a good way of course) for my addiction. Every mommies from those forum were cloth diapering addicts and have lots of tips to be shared. One of the tips was, "Fitted diaper is usually good for a night time diapering". Ava actually still haven't reach the phase where she wake up soak with her urine but this is another good reason to add up my cloth diaper stash..;). Thanks for all the posts( forum and blogs) which makes me "super excited"  to get one of those type of diaper.
I ends up buying one diaper cover( Flowery Red print)since I don't have one, a Super Soaker fitted diaper
( Hula Girl Blue ) from Lildanzell.com and a fitted Bella Bottom ( color stripe) from Babysashanmom.com.
Haven't try it on Ava yet ( need to be pre washed) so cannot give any reviews on how good they are and of course.... the prints are gorgeous!!
Bella Bottom had been given many excellent reviews at Diaperpin.com and this diaper must be worth every penny.

That's Ava head!!She's trying to reach the camera!!

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Lisa said...

hi sheena, how is the super soaker cd from lil danzell? does it survive the long night?? :)

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