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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Butterfly My Butterfly....

 After patiently waiting for a week in a half, my new SSC is finally arrived and I am so so excited!!(Ok,sue me on my craziness towards adorable carriers !! lol!!)  

It is the standard Kanga XT SSC for a toddler. 
Precaution : Using high heels is strictly prohibited whilst baby-wearing
This is only for the action photo shoots.

I am so loving the purple straps and the butterflies print on top of the body panel!!The matching of the color straps and the print are likely present my "nearly true personality";).. 
Ohh...not to mention the beautiful butterfly applique at the head rest!(But I still admire Fazian Bird appliques the most!)
The waistband is comfy yet supportive enough. Thou the strap is not as padded as my Patapum SSC, I didn't experienced any shoulder strained even  after carried Ava for almost 1 hour at the groceries store.It feels very lightweight. She even fell asleep on most of the time.

I am glad Ava also love her new carrier as mommy loves it a lot! The design of the carrier is very much making her bum bum placed/sitting properly inside of it. 

Front carry, no question about it!Comfy,comfy and comfy!! 

Sabar jak la Flo watching and listening his dear wife possessing  non-stop about the newly arrived.....

Am I Stashified already??
I cannot verify on that but one thing for sure, I am so in loved with my Kanga XT!!! 

p/s : I am so glad Brenda got this for me before it got snatched from other great mamas out there!!  


MH Yap said...

It's indeed very very beautiful!!! I like it!!!

Sheena said...

Thanks MH!!and I can't wait for your upcoming ISO!!

mama sewbulous shoppe said...

ava look so happy on it...mean she lovesss it as much as her mama! :) yes if brenda slower it should be grab by me already as i am next in line hehe glad you got it...i think it suits you better the print were so you... :D

Brenda said...

oooh, nice pix! so glad to utilize my stalking experience to land an XT, both of u look so good in it!!

Sheena said...

Lisa, yes she really is comfortable sitting at the back!!Definitely it was u who would be getting if I didn't act fast but u gonna have ur next pre-order KP soon!!Do let me know the updates ya!

Brenda, Thanks for everything!!

scudmami said...

sooo pweety... i love the purple and the buttefly too...
why la u sooo far away from KL, if not we can meet up for me to admire the combo & applique hihihi..

both u & DD looks happy & COMFY!
but looking u in the heels, makes my feet aching already hahahha

Sheena said...

Yes I am too far away from all of you(sigh)..Wish I would be able to meet up with you( and all the babywearing mamas) and sharing experience with Otais at KL.(and trying ur carries stash as well!!hehe)
yes my feet was sore after a few mins using it since its been nearly 1 years I didn't use heels!(LOL)

QarezmaV said...

omg mama so stylo in the heels.. although its not safe.. love the SSC! I am still working on my SSC/MT

Hanz said...

Drooling... :)

Sheena said...

Thanks Hanz!!I cannot wait to drool over ur upcoming SSC!!Do share with us ya!
Qarezma, have you find urs?:)

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