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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Miracle!!

My first plan for this morning was actually wanted to upload a few current pixs from my Sony but ends up reading other mama's blog.
I caught one post from this amazing mommy sharing her experience towards her Water birth pregnancy and her breastfeeding experience to her adorable newborn.
Leah's Little Life

This is another link from a Malaysian mama who's also experienced on Water birth,

Melor Blogspot

Their stories deeply touched me in so many way.How miraculously for a woman to be able to bear a child and feed the child from her own body..
I remembered when the nurse brought Ava to my lap right after the delivery and that was our first time ever bonding together after nearly 10 months she was in my womb.Those memory is precious to be kept.

A child carries her mother's love with her always. Like a precious keepsake kept close to her heart.

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