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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Updates

1. Ava got hit by a high fever at the early months but she's well recovered by the next three days.
2. A week holiday at Sabah.
3. Travelling by road from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Up to 8 hrs long drive.
4. Ava had been picking up some words during our holiday :
                                                      a. Where's it?
                                                      b.Watsdis? (What is this?)
                                                      c.Wek up plis.(Wake up please)
                                                      d. Amen....
5.I learned  and experimented a few recipes to serve on our daily days.
6. I 'm putting on weight!(It's no surprise as I was not able to restrain  myself each time passed by at the King  Apple Donut)
7. 3 pieces of my diapers are sent to their new home.
8. I promised myself to stop buying anymore baby/toddler carriers but..... a ring sling just arrived at our doorstep yesterday and...... I made fairly a big decision on getting another SSC. The SSC is simply stunning to me thus I cannot restrict myself not to have it!!Thanks to a lovely mama who helped me to score it!  Will be waiting for the arrival of it on the next 2 weeks to come.
I am suddenly a fan of TBW(The Baby Wearer) and MBW(Malaysia Baby Wearer)!! but as for now,would only stick to MBW since my Paypal still not working out!(Which indeed a blessing in disguise). But no more shopping for the time being as I am now temporary penniless!!
9. I just realized my conduct on using and writing English language somehow is getting even poorer,that's why I haven't update my blog for quite sometimes.Need to do some improvement on that!
10. This whole month I keep on thinking...
"It's gone all way wrong and it need to be fix but not to be ignored.
Somehow many people already felt heartbroken in silent."



ms enet merisa said...

hey dear,

good to hear that ava has recovered from the nasty fever (soo heartbreaking kan to see them suffering). and even better to hear that she has added quite a number of words to her vocab :) good girl ava!

hehehhe paypal is evil! trust me :D but it's fun nevertheless :D can't wait to see your new toy. let's tambah2 collection lagi, mo? ;)

re: your english, i think it is getting better, just continue what you're doing :) let's get better together, shall we?

hugs to ava and you (and incutt too)!

lisa said...

sheena: what ssc? which one? so fast ah u ...good for you gal :D

MH Yap said...

Sheena, put a stop on shopping carrier now. At least for now. Babywearing is an expensive hobby... It's different from being a cloth diaper addicts... Cloth diaper is easier to sell off as compared to carrier... Hehehe... Not to mention the SSC that you just score is also 1 of the more expensive SSC... :p

Sheena said...

Net :Indeed paypal is evil..haha

Thanks Lisa,sorry tidak sabar to wait for the KP slot..haha

MH: Indeed it's an expensive hobby!! I do hope the SSC would suit to me perfectly then no more shopping for carrier(not the diaper ya, hahaha) until the next baby!!

Brenda said...

just dropped by for a short visit & read this post!! lol...i happen to know that someone is STILL shopping while waiting for her expensive ssc arrival! :P

Sheena said...

LOL!!!!Brenda, I need some distraction while waiting for it to arrive!!LOL!!!

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