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Friday, September 24, 2010

Diaper change Drama...

Putting a diaper to Ava on preparation for night time usually is a bit tricky. 
After putting the fitted diaper on her, she would jumped from the bed and ran around the house half naked.
After awhile we managed to catch her and put on the wool cover then she jumped out again and running as fast as she could!!!! 
After nearly half an hour chasing her around,
Fitted -checked !
Wool -checked!
Jumpsuit -checked
At last she's completed!!
First time mommy tied her hair up..

 Admiring herself at the kitchen door mirror.

Ava,"hmmmm....Either I am liking it or not"....

"Ok mummy paparazzi enuf for tonight,now  put me to sleep!!"


Mrs Graig said...

doiigia si ava mcm jg anak sya si melody gitu jg lari2 time mau kna kasi pakai diaper ni...kin gerigitan ni...tepaksa besabar ja la :D

Sheena said...

LOLS!!panat oh kan mo kejar dorang but at the same time funny juga tingu perangai dorang ni...hehehe....

lisa said...

jayden also same...i think all the toddler also like tat... so tiring haha

QarezmaV said...

so cute!

i notice the same with my baby now, although cannot run yet, but changing clothes is equal to crying as if someone has whacked him... and he insist on changing while standing... itupun he cannot stand without support.. and who suffers... mummy of course!

Sheena said...

Oh Qarezma...wait till he can walk and run!!double the excitement!!we are in the same shoes!!

MH Yap said...

Well, Sheena... on the bright side it'll help us to burn the extra calories faster though this is not my preferred method... :p

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