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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kari Terjun!!

Lunch menu for today. Kari Ayam Terjun!!hehehe..why it's terjun?
Because I only use an instant curry sauce packet.

Mix with carrots and brinjals.

Ta-da...Ready to be serve after 30 minutes....
If you're wondering why the curry doesn't look like one, I purposely put more on the coconut milk to make the taste less hot. 
Adding the side dish of lemon + olive oil + some red chillis with soy sauce. 


Mrs Graig said...

Sangat sadap oo sya nmpk kari terjun ko ni!!!!Terus sya lapar balik walaupun sya baru ja makan nasi di cafe td....LOL

Nina Manson said...

I'm so hungry since earlier and now i'm drooling over your kari terjun!

Mrs Graig said...

Sheena, I got an award for you on my blog. Pls check it out ya :)


Sheena said...

OK Ken!!Thanks..:)

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