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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Not So good Condition..

After landed to my Home Sweet Home Sabah...I've been geeting headache and stomach ache which making me uncomfortable to do any sight seeing but still I managed to get a few pieces of discounted stuff at One Borneo, hehe....
Hoping that my health would be getting better anytime soon otherwise how will I take care a 13 months old toddler for a 10 hours long drive later this week???


curiositykills said...

hey sheena

where will u be going? 10 hours drive? :) by the way, shia here :)

oh and whats good at one borneo? share share! :D

by the way, they have locally grown avocado here , ive seen them in filipino market. do u think they are the same as the imported ones? :)

lastly, take care dear

Sheena said...

Hi Shia!!Thanks, feeling slightly better this morning.
Yeah we'll be travelling to Tawau by road to visit Parent In Law..I really hope that Ava would be able to cope the long hours drive!!
There're few outlets for baby stuff/outfit and women on sale at 70 to 80 percent at 1B, it's really a good bargain!!!Island Shop, Poney, Padini and there's a few more which I can't remembered..
The locally one is not bad either,I tried once and they actually cheaper and bigger than the imported one..you should try it!!

curiositykills said...

hey there, glad u did well on the trip with ava. we drove to sandakan during the raya hols and there werent much problem too.
will be checking out 1b this thu (hari malaysia) or this weekend. hopefully the sales is still on! :)

anyway, home sweet home to u! :) cheers

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