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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When will be the time.....

I'll be starting to sketch  again??!!!
I am dying to start my new project but somehow my laziness is far more greater than my passion right now.
I have  almost everything is ready..the drawing utensils, a few drawing pads,reference books, notes from my previous tutor and many tutors from the You Tube!!
The only thing that I need now is to drag my butt to the table and start sketching !!!
I am not a "Pro" but I grew up with the love of sketching since I was little and until now the passion is still there. While all of my friends got hit by the SPM examination fever , I ends up drawing portraits of people instead off doing the last minutes revision(That explained why I had such a bad result later which I never regret.) . It's the only thing that I am passionate about other than my cloth diapering and babywearing mania(which somehow hit me after upgrading to a motherhood year)..
"So lazy bum, let's get things work up ok"!!!!

By the way,  whoever took my sketches after I left study at Kuching please step up front!!
They're very precious to me and one of a kind, and I don't think I could ever draw like that again!!!hehe....

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