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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My BabyWearing Safety Checklist...(In Conjunction The International Babywearing Week Safe Babywearing:Enjoy The Benefits)

1. Where I live it is a warm  and humid, so I would dress lightly since the carrier is adding additional layer around me and Ava.

2. I usually wear Ava as low as possible and only standing up when I feel confident that I am wearing her correctly.

3. When she struggles, I let her loose for awhile and try again when she's calm. She would need to stretch her limbs now and then.

4. Ava's body must feel snugly on my body and fit properly to avoid her wiggling out from the carrier. If I have a sore back or shoulder that means she is wiggled too much...

5.Both of her knees should be higher than her butt and her face shouldn't be covered by fabric.

6. Make sure her thighs are not wedged ...

7. Bouncing a bit or repositioning from time to time to make sure good blood circulation.(Esp around the legs) 

8. Now and again, I will stop and check positioning in the mirror. (and also to admire how cool it is to be babywearing my baby)

9. Tweaking(or adjusting the waist-pad) to ensure the correct positioning on the carrier towards me and Ava to prevent any shoulder and hip strain.

10. Get help when needed especially for back carry or trying new type of carrier.

11.I always remind myself to watch my step and not to run or rush. Also need to watch people around me if they are running. 

12.Make sure I am in a good health when I need to baby wearing Ava.

13. Avoid bumping Ava into counters and doorways. And peoples elbow or thing that they are carrying. 

14.A good body posture is important when carrying a baby/toddler, you don't want your back to hunch in the future..

15. Before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire it... and also to check if there is any wear and tear.

16. Don't drink and drive...don't wear your baby under the influence of alcohol...

17. Try to wear comfortable footwear...

18. Stiletto - both on the feet and on the hand is a no-no...well if you just stand for a photo shoot stiletto would be okay, i guess.

Dual function, can be used as a nursing cover too!!

There is no safer place for baby to be than snuggle up right against mom or dad's chest.
Babywearing is not just a mean of handling a child. It's a statement of passion. It is an expression of love. You carry that child so that she can explore the horizon and knowing that she's still be safe under the constant care and attention of their caregivers.  

Happy Babywearing Week to all Babywearers around the globe!

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