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Monday, April 25, 2011


I just bought this Korean DVD drama series(promising to be different from other Korean dramas storyline ) last week but haven't got chance to watch and wondering when will I have the time to do this. Watching a drama series is not the same like watching a 90 minutes movie. It can actually take your time until a half day or a day just sitting down and desperately watching it until finish the last episodes. I remembered last time during my uni year I could actually staying in my room for 2 days in a row for a weekend enjoying the 30 episodes of one of the Korean Drama.

I was actually planning to get the Anthena but the story is the continuous from Iris, so better grab the Iris series first. 

The reason that I bought this was the Korean guy from the G.I Joe movie is actually the main character for this drama. Too bad his character had been killed in the G.I Joe. I just hope he would be still alive until the end of this episodes.

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