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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reaching 3 weeks...

So many had happened during this three weeks....the first week of my confinement, I was having baby blues traumas..was easily got irritated with people around me for no reason and cry for no reason. The worst part was,trouble in adjusting my sleepin time bcoz starting when Ava's was born,I have to follow the babys' timetable feeding time..the first week was a struggle, my body's weak, my emotion was upside down, I still cannot face the fact that I ve a 24hr task and during that week hubby and mother in law have to feed Ava a formula milk during midnite ( which Ava dislikes it and having difficulty to burp whenever we gave her the milk) because I didn't fully recovered yet and had to get at least 6 hours sleep during the earlier weeks. I would say the first week was the most exhausted and emotionally wrecked.
It's only after the 2nd week I really get to know Ava and bond with her. I then realized her skin has this rosy glow and she's got certains character which I didn't realized on her 1st week old..

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