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Saturday, November 27, 2010

MMR Shot and Kinderpack..(No more Enable pls!!)

Finally after have been delayed for almost 5 months, Ava got her MMR(Immunization against measles, mumps and rubella) shot today. She was desperately trying to get away from the doctor during the check up and started to cry miserably when the nurse put her on the bed. As usual I was not strong enough looking the needle was being poked Ava's thigh and let hubby in charge of her. Ava was crying and looking at the doctor with her tears streaming down her cheeks. She stopped crying when I nursed her outside while waiting for the prescription when suddenly she started to cry all over again after checking/looking at the wailing baby behind us. I quickly put her inside the carrier and she slowly calm down and snuggle inside getting ready to have her nap..fuhh!!Just in time for the carrier to give some helping hand.

In a different note, finally my Kinderpack SSC arrived safely after it nearly and almost get a tax charges by the Malaysia customs!Luckily Lisa come to the rescue and with her good PR communication  towards the custom officer, my carrier was finally free from any charges!!Thanks a lot dear!!

I love the strap which felt comfy and cushy. The standard strap just fit nice on me hence no web digging around my under arm.
At first I was concern about a hip strain since a few mama voice out about their hip was getting strain because of the "seat" alike design on the carrier which left a gap within their body and baby.
But all I could feel right until this time is the feeling of comfyness and style ;).
Comparison between Kanga XT and Kinderpack?
I love both of them and they are beautiful carriers indeed. 
I do have a small wish though,
I wish that the Kinderpack waist pad has the same structured like the Kanga waist pad and Kanga shoulder straps similar to Kinderpack's.
I 'm guessing when this two combine together it would become a complete SSC heaven! But well probably it's just me..:).and probably other mamas wished that too!

I've been eyeing another brand of SSC(Gosh when this ever going to stop!) but I would put it on hold right now  since there's a lot more commitment need to be accomplished. 
Right now I am happy to have owned some beautiful carriers and helping me the most when I needed it.


MH Yap said...

On your thought about the KP and XT, am thinking maybe you can borrow me both of the SSC and I get either jumpsac or snuggbaby to custom a faux KP + XT combo SSC. We'll be able to get the best of both SSC at the cheaper price then. Agree? :P

Sheena said...

MH!!Good idea indeed and it's cheaper!..now we need to choose either Jumpsac or SnugBaby to make the faux combo!!

MH Yap said...

Hahaha... let make 1 each. I take snugg and you take JS then we can compare both and see... hehehe...

** On Enabling mode, Kekeke...

Sheena said...

LOL!!!!!I also want Liz to custom for me!!

Anonymous said...

di mana mau beli tu kinderpack?malaysia ada ka?

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