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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hubby woke up one day and said we are both filthy loaded with toxin, I say what…..?!!!!???!!!!!
The next day we were signed up for a product demo at a “health centre”, somewhere at a residential area, huh? What?
 It was a great demo, even Ava liked it. The lady basically prepared for us a fruit+vege smoothie, prune cake, peanut butter and a multigrain drink all in under ½ hrs… we were full including Ava who keep on asking for more prunecake with peanut butter and multi grain drink.
I feel like a super woman, I can do the above recipe and more just with one simply powerful food processor /blender. Little do I know what hubby have in mind.
After 2 days sleeping on the idea we went back to get “the” food processor.  On the way back home, wait we made a few stop over, buying apples and oranges and; pineapples and papayas and; sawi and bakchoi; and a lot of lime. I was thinking “who is going to eat all these”
Hubby was so excited, he browse youtube and a lot of detox webpage, top on the list the trusted Mercola.com to get recipes for fruit+vege smoothies, the next thing you know he is in the kitchen, cleaning the vegie and cutting the fruits, dividing them into morning, afternoon and dinner portion.
And out of the kitchen, two glass of cold and refreshing fruit juice… WOW nice…
The thing is by the next day the juice get greener and greener and by the 3rd day the juice is plain dark green… Oh no… what have I got myself into… for one I am not a veggie person, I only eat veggie with belacan, no belacan me no eating veggie…

Today is the 7th day we are on vegiefrutt smoothies, 3 times a day for 7 days of vegiefrutt…..
After more research Hubby is now thinking if we should we get a Juicer (Omega 8003)???!!!!!! I will need to take a deep breath and see if I can dive with him on this.

P/S : Yesterday we went out and I bought three pcs of different type of taste Secret Recipe cakes(I was having sugar deprivation after 1 week detoxifying with raw veggies!!). One down, 2 more to go..I am heavenly eating  pumpkin cheese cake while writing this post.yummy!!!...


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Bagus lagi hubi ko pandai jg fikir psl health thingy ni..klu laki sa..mmm...susah mo ckp..btw, ada tag utk ko d blog :P enjoy doing it :)

Angel said...

Wahh!! You're on the 7th day?! Bagus Shen! Cuba ko share2 dulu camana mo buat tu vegefruit smoothies. Hehe. Sa berminat oo :)

Sheena said...

Thanks Kenny!!!will do it soon!!:))
Angel, semua tu fruit and vege kasi mix together along with some lime supaya the taste not so pahit..mix with pineapple and orange with bakchoi also the taste not too bad for starter..
kami guna this food processor
the processor very good indeed..hehe

Sheena said...

already put the link on the post itself..:)

Angel said...

Thanks for sharing Sheena :)

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