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Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Monday

How am I feeling today?
Not good..I've been procrastination most of the tasks this morning, spending more time on wondering "What if I...???
Totally not in a motivate mode at all..:(.

Anyways, hours went by and I feel much better.

Hubby made us an energy booster which deliciously yummy and refreshing.
Mixes of red and green apples, orange, grapes and cucumber(no sugar added) ends up it taste like a watermelon juice!

And this was our lunch for today. 
Anchovies mix with cabbage..Ava's favorite dish. 

Happy Monday Everyone..God Bless!

Ooh by the way, to all the cloth diapering mamas who happen to stop by at my humble blog, Eli Monster cloth diaper is selling at EverythingBabyThing.
I have two of these and truly impressed by the workmanship and the absorbency of the minky felt diaper.Very cushy and fluffy!!
Have fun browsing!!!:)


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Everything will be okey..sa pun tgh stress2 jg ni tp buat bodoh ja ni..hehe..mau jg sa try buat tu juice bah ;p

Sheena said...

Kenny, skali sudah terasa buat juice sendiri, rasa manis betul pla juice yg order dari restaurant..hehe

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