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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jumpsac Orbit SSC ( The New Version )

I finally managed to get a hand for the Jumpsac Orbit SSC Tester!

Thanks to Syaz ( the owner of the JumpsacBaby.com)  for giving me such  opportunity to become one of the tester for the newly improved Jumpsac Orbit SSC.
Once, I had the 1st version of Jumpsac SSC and the newly improved version is much much comfortable with all the padding at right places.(Shoulder padding and waist padding really fits comfortably)I am totally impressed with the new improved Jumpsac Orbit!

What I love :
- The single adjustable buckle.
-The SSC looks wide but it fit snuggly to my girl.
-The shoulder padding goes under my armpit which I prefer to be that way instead of the webbings.
-Back carry is great since I can put my girl high on the waist without feeling any back or shoulder straining.
What I don't like :
-It 's sometimes difficult to find a perfect spot with a seat dart,(probably I still didn't able to adjust properly on that part.) There would be always a space between my girl's bottom and the seat dart and I need to shake/bounce Ava every time so that she can sit properly in it.
-The body panel feels a bit thick  thus it's quiet warm but I don't mind for being a bit warmth with my baby attached to me especially at the crowded places .
I do think this improved one is suitable for a baby 8 months and above since the body panel is higher than the previous one.However there's a trick on getting the small baby sitting higher inside the carrier by putting a small folded towel or bolster on top of the seat dart .
Next, a tester from Snugg Baby, still waiting for my chances to try one .

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Hidayah said...

review yg sungguh menggoda..hehehe cantik wooo fit for u and u girl

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