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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blank and Dr. Aida follow up

I mentioned on the last entry that my gynae(Dr.Mattu) would be on leave before my EDD. If the baby still in my tummy after 23rd, then I would be refer to another doctor.
So this morning, we went to see Dr. Aida who will be replacing Dr. Mattu upon my delivery for a bit introduction.
I went to the counter and introduce myself to the receptionist, they handed me a registration form and I started to write it down. The problem was, I don't know where to start. I looked down blankly at the form  like I am sitting an exam for an advanced calculus which I had no idea how to answer. Noted that I haven't ate any breakfast and it's 8.45 in the morning.
"Okay do I need to put on Flo's name at the "Employee"*in my thought was Employer* or his company's name? Where do I need to put mine?at "Dependent"? *actually I forgotten what was the word*,geez I seriously need the Wikipedia right now,"

When the nurse approached me I said to her bluntly,
" I don't know how to fill this form,"
She's a bit skeptical and checked on my form,
"Have you wrote this form before?"
"Yes, 4 years ago,"Shit I don't know what was I talking.
" I once filled this similar form when I was having my 1st child,"
"Oo..kay, so you just need to put your IC and name here and sign it..."
The nurse started to key in my data on the computer when she asked,
"May I know your  house phone number?"
I checked on my mobile phone and just remembered it has been formatted and all the numbers were gone,the only number that I remembered is Flo.
"Ermm...I forgot,"
"How about your handphone number?"
"Ermm...yeah that too, I forgot my own number,"
The nurse stared at me but no words came from her mouth.
Finally,"Urmm, never mind, Dr.Aida will only be available at 9.30am so I suggest you go and take your breakfast first,"

At the car I told Flo what has just happened.
"Oh my, you need to read more dear* I was about to respond back when he quickly add*..or is it probably that you 're hungry?"
Luckily he said the magic words.

Back to Dr. Aida's room.
She scanned the baby and the estimate weight is 3.3kg. Right after she done with the scanning I asked her.
"So is the baby a boy or girl?"
"Ehh...you still don't know what's your baby's gender?
She started to scan again.
"Oh the baby's closed both of his/her leg so cannot see clearly,"
Owh too bad....

This is what Dr. Aida has said to us.
"If you still not deliver by 28th, we need to put you on induce otherwise I am afraid the baby would be getting bigger and we need to put you on c-sec after this week,"
Words of induce and c-sec giving me goosebumps.The images of various size of needles stuck into my spine giving me nausea.
"Dear God please let me deliver fast"..

Please baby I beg you to come out within this week otherwise you are going to be push down by an artificial labor.
I don't think you gonna like that, so does mama.

After the review when driving back home all of us were silent, including Ava at the back.
Then Flo said,"It's heavily raining, at least one of your prayer has been answered,"
Yes... and I do hope my other prayer is going to be fulfill soon...very soon.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Prayer for you sheena. Hope all is fine.. :)

Kenny said...

be patient k :) hope everything is ok..

Sheena said...

Thanks Stella and Ken, hopefully everything goin to turn out ok:).

Anonymous said...

everything will be ok ~


O Dear.. i feel you.. i was like you when i was on my 3months maternity leave.. macam btul2 blank nie.. my brain is super slow to even make a sentence, my vocab hancur.. that time, i couldnt wait to get back to my office desk so that my brain restore its function again..

Whatever it is, my prayers are with you Sheena, ur Hubby and Ava :)

Sheena said...

Thanks Neve ans Syl..yabah, super slow owh ni otak skang esp kalo sia bercakap sama orang..hahaha. mungkin banyak pikir sampai semua jadi blur.

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