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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Babywearing a newborn.

One of the top reason I decided to get conceive again is to have a chance on babywearing a newborn(No kidding).
Yup, babywearing motivates me to endure the 9 months challenges in every women's life..
I don't have a chance to babywear Ava when she's still a baby since I was struggling with my post partum  depression for about 2 months and this time I want to cherish every moment with our newborn once she is born whilst enjoy babywearing. It's the perfect timing to babywear your newborn as these are the times when they most need your body heat to make them feel safe and secure.Snuggling with a newborn without cramping your shoulder and hand is a wonderful feeling which I cannot describe..even when I started to babywear Ava at her 3 months, it did makes a big difference on dealing her fussiness plus doing the house chores was a breeze to me. And by this time, the two year old Ava has no more interest to be carry without any proper reason(she would tolerate to be carry with the SSC when we're walking through the crowded people).

I can't wait for the baby to come out, the fear to be in a labor pain(anytime soon)would usually fade away whenever I imagine myself wearing our snugly and super soft baby.:)

 Image was taken from Google
Image was taken from Wrap your Baby(link below of the post)
This is the back carry style which I super excited  to try with our newborn soon.
(Unless if Flo forbid me to do so..hmmmm)
Image was taken from Google
Image was taken from Google.



Hanz said...

awwww...i'm yet to try backcarry newborn..did'nt dare yet..belum habis belajar.. :)

nc said...

would like to try this if i could.
mcm cepat penat sda ini tangan kalu si baby makin berat skg..hehe

Sheena said...

Hanz, yes, those method need to put extra precaution when we put the baby at the back and I know Flo wouldn't let me do it..unless I have someone expert to assist me.hehe.
Nc,SnuggBaby ada jual Bamboo wrap(sejuk material dia) and other kind of carriers. Jumpsac and Tiny Tapir pun jual baby carriers yg bagus workmanship dia.:).

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