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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ava and the Pool.

First of all I need to apologize to a few friends who invited us for dinner or meet up which we didn't able to make it. Perhaps the nesting instinct inside me is telling me to have a time of my own before the baby comes out. Looking forward to see you guys after my delivery!:)

We went to Taman Awam for some walking exercise, the thought of overdue is freaking me out so I need as much as exercise as I can during this last week of pregnancy.
Well,the main point of this entry is all about Ava who was desperately wanted to go inside the pool but still waiting patiently for us to offer her the green light.:)

 Here is the pool.The looks totally tempting for any kids who pass by this area.

 Including Ava, just look at the longing look at her face.

 So kesian, we waited for awhile for her to say something but she just stared at the pool and kids who were playing inside.
Then finally Flo said slowly to her," Do you want to play inside the pool?"
Ava quickly answered with joy," Aha..aha!" while excitedly nodding her head.
Flo quiet for awhile and thought that he might missed her saying yes,she said it again,
"Okay let's go to the pool!"
 Luckily I brought extra clothes so she managed to go inside and play with Flo.
 Totally Excited!!

 The weather was cloudy and so did the water..very cold!
Ok, all done for now!!

We managed to get our family photo together with my full term bump.


♡ a-Me ♡ said...

So cute bah muka si Ava.. Msti dalam fikiran dia pikir, macam mna mo minta kebenaran untk main d pool tu.. Concentrate btul dia tngok tu pool.. :)

Ct Jamaliah said...

bestnya klu dpt mandi manda di sana..

Kenny said...

Rindu my Melody tgk si Ava main2 di pool..huhu

Farahana said...

Any kids would love to be in the pool. Hehe.. have a safe delivery!

Sheena said...

Kenny, mo dekat sudah ko tu mo confinement..hehe
Fara, thanks.oh ywah, she downa to come out from the pool, need to pujuk her going to makan ice cream after that.:))

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