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Saturday, September 10, 2011


"What happened to the horse?"
"What happened to the bird?"
"What happened to the baby?"
"What happened to the pig?"
"What happened to the water?"
"What happened to Bumble?"
"What happened to the star?"
or she's just saying
"What happened???!!!"
"What's this?!!!"
"What's that??!"

"Why's Bumble sad?"
"Why the baby cry?"

"Where's grapa(Grandpa)"
"Where's the cup?"
"Where's water?"
"Where's the aeroplane going?"
"Where's the bird going?"
"Where's papa?"
"Where's mama?"
"Where's Bumble?"
"Where's auntie?"
"Where's the book?"
"Where it go??"

Ava's having lot s of question and curiosity inside her beautiful mind and all of the never ending questions are dedicated to mama and papa. Most of the time I'm figuring out what's the question because her words are not clear and if it's clear, most of the time I don't know how to answer or it would make me speechless for a second.

For example :
We watched a movie and the horse died and she asked,
"What happened to the horse??!!"
So hubby answered,
"Ermmm...the horse is sleeping,"

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Ken said...

haha..biasala budak2 :)

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