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Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting Mode...

Tapping my hands, contractions come and go, doing spring cleaning, walking for hours at the beach...but still there's no sign of labor to start. My gynae decided to have his weeks off before my due date and if I still insist to have him, getting an induce is the right option. Meaning to say if I agreed to have it, the baby would come out before 24th.(It sounds very tempting)
Well.....on the 10th thought, I'd rather getting another doctor than having to get induce!
Putting IV in my hands is a big no no to me,I had bad experienced with inserting needle to my hand during my first pregnancy. I was dehydration for being too much vomiting due to my morning sickness  ,being warded with IV at my left hand and felt paralyzed for the next 3 days . So I do hope that would be the first and the last experience I had with IV.
Back to the induce process,a few of my friends had experience it and I can tell by their sharing that the pain was much more worst than the natural labor pain.
So I guess just need to wait patiently for baby to voluntarily comes out by his own.


Kenny said...

Sheena..klu ada contraction sikit2 tu, blh ko try minta hubby ko 'pump' :) Can boost up the contraction..

Sheena said...

Natural induce tuu plus nursing!:))

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