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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pfau love..so worth it!!!

My new love..Didymos Burgundy Pfau 2010.

As a purple lover, who can refuse with this!

 The owner of this wrap dyed it in a rich purple but as you can see the lovely peacocks pattern still can be seen in the red hues.

 A Burgundy Pfau 2010(100 percent cotton) in size 6(4.6m). I am always be a size 6 no matter how chubby or skinny I am. I love the extra fabric dangling and tailing at my back.:)

 The wrap had been totally broken in makes it feel soft and comfy to wear.
With a baby weight of 6kg,I found the wrap is cushy and no digginess feeling on both of my shoulder. And surprisingly it is airy enough to be wear in non-aircond room.

These are  two of many Malaysian mama who found Pfau love with their bubs. There are actually many Malaysian mamas who into wraps but I was just too shy asking their permission for their pictures.:) 

Here is Lixa with Pfau 2007(Oh yes the wraps come with years either with mix linen and cotton or comes with 100 percent cotton)

And Rita with Burgundy Pfau 2010 (The original color of Burgundy Pfau) 

It's an extra fun on holding a baby with compatible and stylish carrier without hurting your back and your baby posture..don't you agree with me?;).

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