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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Didymos Wave wrap

I've gotten hit by baby blues....but luckily this comes and goes obsession of mine always makes me high with adrenalin!

Getting another new carrier to fill up my humble stash :p.

 Fluffy mail!!I 'm over the moon!

 I got this pre-loved wrap from Liz and the wrap almost broken in and it felt cushy!

 Didymos Aqua Wave 100percent cotton this year released.

Front cross carry style.

And it does come with sleeping dust, Aza straight away slept after I put him inside.

This is video instruction would show on  how to do newborn Legs Out Front Carry with woven wrap.

And this is how to pop out a newborn from inside the wrap.


E`n1x said...

lol dear Aqua Waves was released a couple years or so back. i think it was Leander Waves that was released this year :D

Sheena said...

oh is it??thank you Lilly, I might misread on one of the mama's post at the forum.hehe

ajfashioncollection said...

r u selling this pls msg me 0163927132

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