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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My weigh doesn't budge at 64kg!!Before delivery I am 73kg minus 3.5kg baby weight.

Now I am starting to get worried, I am at 1 months ++ post partum delivery but I am still as chubby as ever. I don't like the sight of how much both my arms were growing during 9 months preggy and so does now.huhu.Owh the extra fat on my tummy..geez..
I seriously need to lose much weight in order to get back to my normal size again(15 kg to go..omygosh!!)
It is even hard to lose 5kg, probably I should enroll myself at The Biggest Loser Asian Season......4??(I lost track what season it is now).


C O N C O N said...

Hola, you may try to drink Herbalife Sheen...as that will help you to boost your breast milk and MOST IMPORTANT to manage you weight! Good luck.

Sheena said...

Conny, skang sia minum power booster energy sambil jaga makan,kalo nda juga turun2 sia try Herba Life ni nanti.:))

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