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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 Times A "Charm"....

Finally the "D" day has arrived after days full of hope and anxiety...
I started to feel some mild contraction on Saturday morning*6.00a.m to be exact*..
By evening, hubby suddenly craving for sushi so we went to get some and by then the contraction was getting painful and I was in tears while eating sushi. However,we still managed to look for a Post Natal tummy wrap (bengkung). Now that the surge was 10 minutes apart I need to stop walking every time it came and breathing as calmly as possible to bare the pain.
When we arrived at the house, I told my Gentle Birth facebook group mamas that I think I might be deliver soon and I had an overwhelming responds wishing me good luck and reminded me to just breath in/out and some advise telling me to go to sleep.*Oh my I did try to get some sleep but the intermitten pain makes it impossible, at last I was only manage to sleep when baby is out*
By 11pm we decided to go to the hospital after I was lying and rolling on the birth ball for 2 hours*I might have an experience of home birth if I just took the risk on staying at home for the whole night*.
We were warded*yes the three of us, the nurse had to get another bed for Flo and Ava*.
For the whole night, Ava and Flo were sleeping peacefully on the other bed*Ava was excited as she thought that we 're  in a hotel!* while I was bearing with the on and off contraction. By 4am,the nurse found me lying on the chair instead on the bed.
She checked my dilation and it's only 5cm and asked if I wanted a painkiller, of course I said no. I want it to be natural all the way*and that's what I thought it would be*.
Morning came and the doctor came,
"Why you refused to be given a painkiller?"
My goodness this doctor must be joking...they had been asking the same questions since they put me in last night and I started to get annoyed.
Doctor checked the dilation and she said the amniotic sac need to be burst artificially to make the baby come out faster. I was still contemplating to follow her advise not until when I saw the long rod which she's going to put it inside me. I found myself screaming saying no..the thought of the rod stuck inside  was making me sick!
By 10 a.m, they took me to the labor room and what makes me frustrated that I had been put with a drip/IV since according to the doctor I was already dehydrated (damn!!).Those IV in my left hand had psycho my brain into a paralyzed situation.It's getting difficult to move around and stay sane handling with the  contractions.
This time the pain begin quiet intense and I totally forgot what  I have learnt from the Gentle Birth group. I cannot resist to use the laughing gas when the nurse offer it to me. Everytime the surge came I put on the mask and suck it up. I hold the mask like there's no tomorrow,when Flo asked me to hand on the mask I told him to stay out of it. And I if I remembered correctly I had a sudden laugh in between the contraction.*The cause from over-used the mask*
During that time, Ava was in and out inside the labor room with aunt Supang chasing her. There was one moment Ava was silent under my bed and I heard some screw had been loosen up .*Oh my God the bed would fall anytime soon!*..and she came out under the bed and smile widely at me.
"It's okay mama!" she said before Flo and aunt Supang drag her out from the labor room.
By 11am, Doctor came and again, my dilation need to be check but without my realization she actually burst the amniotic sac using those rod! I didn't see anything since closed my eyes.
By the time my water break "artificially"...the contraction become twice intense and I was screaming like a mad woman. With the 2nd one I thought my 1st experience was enough to know how to push the baby out..boy I was wrong!Now I know every pregnancy has a different experience.
 It took about 6 to 10 times on pushing with a few times I made the wrong technics,the problem that I was having difficulties on listening to doctor instruction not until Flo came along.He stayed right beside my head and repeated what the doctor said in his own version which I understand more. During those gap both of my foot was on the two huge nurses side by side of the bed,since the two poles(which the function is used to help birthing women pushing the baby out) was not tough enough with my kicking*lol*. Each time the surge came,my leg and feet would be hitting hard at the nurses tummies*I should be grateful to them*. Finally I said to Flo I gave up on pushing* I might consider for a c-sec*..fortunately the doctor, the two nurses and Flo didn't gave up on me. They kept on telling me I can do it and this would be the last push. With the last strength that I have, I inhale deeply and started to push with all my will.*With the Gentle Birth method I should breath out calmly to let the baby out but the method seems not functioning to me anymore with so many interventions from the doctor. Started with the IV ,the artificial membrane rupture and the laughing gas*
And finally...the baby came out from the view.
When the doctor said,"It's a boy!!"
"What? but we thought the baby is a girl?"
I held up my head and saw him.
"It's a boy!!" Flo is overwhelmed and a bit surprise just like me.
"Oh Thank God!" with my head spinning like crazy*the after effect of the laughing gas* I can only saw a glimpse of Daniel's face and body and after that I dozed off.

My 2nd birth experience, a bit of drama but was faster compare to Ava since I didn't take any painkiller.
I just wish I could done better but the most important thing was, Daniel and I were both in good conditions and happy to said that after two days admitted we were free to go home and my breastfeeding journey is starting all over again..


nc said...

congrats again Sheena :) what a story..only the strong can go thru all this o..i really salute u

Sheena said...

Thanks NC..other mama lagi kuat buli beranak sendiri di rumah ni..huhu

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