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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rucksack Tibetan back carry

Flo's going to be furious when he saw this but don't worry honey, I was on the bed mattress all the time when I 'm doing this.
Aza is usually very content even I put him in the crib until he fell asleep by himself but not today.
After nursing, I put him in the crib and he wailed. Put him on the rocking chair,the wailing become more intense. Nursing him again and put back on the crib..a few second later, he started to cry.
So I grab my Didymos wrap gradation and brought Aza on my back.(Please don't attempt this kind of carrying-style if you're not confident enough to hold your baby on the back)
Once I completely finished, he already sleeping soundly at my back and 2 hours later, he's up again for milk.
During those time, I managed to sort out the nursery room, hanged the laundry and had time to one on one with Ava. Again, babywearing saved the day.

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Anonymous said...

So cute your baby.....:D

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