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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Am a mother of two!

How am I feeling?
Overjoy, exhausted and overwhelming with the sudden change.

How'S Ava adapting?
She's more frequent on asking for milk from my breast. Every time Daniel needs to be fed, Ava went and asking for nenen and there's one time she cut on the line and Daniel left with a confuse face on my lap.
Attention seeker- Ava would do anything to get the attention from us, even putting her doll for a bath at Daniel's basin or throwing a sudden tantrum or offering me some of her snack.
But most of the time she's adapting quite well and very proud of herself for being a big sister.

How's Daniel so far?
He's sleeping most of the time. His timetable is like waking up, nursing, pooping and sleeping*The cycle keep on repeating*
We can just place him on the crib and he would sleep by himself.

How's Flo?
He helps me a lot during this confinement and mil came along to help for the whole month.
He's  the chef for my confinement menu,Ava's best buddy and Daniel's poo cleaner.
He 's making sure I don't get caught with the baby blue symptom during this time and so far I managed to get in control with my emotion.

All in all, I am feeling blessed with all the help from people around me and thanks again to  aunt Supang for helping us to take care of our lil Ava during the labor. Feeling sorry for aunt when you had to witness my labor pain inside the labor room.hehe.


nc said...

congarts Sheena for ur little prince Daniel :)
God bless always ya

Anonymous said...

sheen, nama bby ko sama pulak nickname my hubby.. :)


Congrats Sheena.. I am so proud of you ! :)

Kenny said...

Chayo Chayo! You can do it Sheena! ^_^

C O N C O N said...

Congrats Sheena...(^_^)

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