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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Evening Clutch(sort of)...

So... I managed to steal some time to make this simple clutch for a Christmas gift to someone so dear to me.*It's good to be back with my hooks,missed them so much!*

It's a kind of an Evening Clutch.
 I purposely make a ruffle style for the opening of the clutch with two pearl buttons on each side.


1 down, two more to go*crazy over the Lollipop color!*..my 1st plan is to make a scarf out of these but the material seems quite stiff to the touch so probably another clutch or amigurumi?? I need to shop more cute buttons!*Just another reason to do online shopping:P*


beaty said...

aiya lama suda sa inda crocheting owh

Cotton House Store said...

Cotton House Store's Thickish Yarn!

You must be very relieved to be able to hold your needles again at this time. Hehe.


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