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Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Night Wool Soaker for 0-3 months.

Yes I was feeling tired and restless this whole week but that doesn't stop me to keep on doing for my latest project.
An All Night Wool soaker which I finished it up for the 1 whole week.

 Rise : 15"
Waist :Stretch up to 14.5"-16"
Hips :16"-18"
Thighs : 8"-10"

 This is the comparison between Snuggle Pants felted wool shorty in medium size.

This wool should fit for 0 to 3months.
Workmanship?:Not so perfect, need lots of lots of practicing.
 The soaker is made up from 100percent Merino wool which my friend found it at one of the shop at my old hometown Sandakan.She helped me to buy these and sent them instantly to me. Thanks again Lynn!!:)

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