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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 1st Handmade Soaker Wool Pants.

I am not actually quiet satisfied on the way it turns out to be esp at the back hip area( I should just continue to work on the single crochet until reached at the ribbing stitch(waist area)), but this is only my first trial so, I should less expecting it to be perfect.

This is suppose to be a wool soaker pants aka diaper cover.What is the function of this?Please click here.

Here 's Ava's bunny wearing her fitted cloth diaper.

So here's Bunny with the wool soaker with the fitted diaper inside. 
Still got lots of improvement to be done here and there.

The rise is about 17", this should fit good for below 5 months old baby.

I am going to lanolize this pants and put it on a test with a wet fitted diaper inside,and will see if it will be well functioning or not. 
To be continue.. 

Till then, happy weekend people!!


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Well done! Finally able to see a crocheted wool soaker!

amani said...

it's so cute!

Sheena said...

Thanks Sharine and Amani,
Finally my own DIY wool soaker!

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