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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Solution for Night Time diapering.....

I started to use fitted and wool when my girl turned eight months old. Bum Genius, Happy Heinys and Gro Baby were still good to use as over-night diapering when she was around 3 to 7 months old but as she turned into a heavy wetter baby, I found myself kept on changing her diaper at 3 a.m in the morning and  she would be awake and both hubby and I need to cuddle her for few minutes more before she fell back to sleep. The routine was super tiring indeed, and whenever we forgot to change her diaper, either our mattress would be wet or Ava pajamas's was soaking with her urine...
In desperation to look for a durable night time diaper, I came across with fitted cloth diaper.When I started to cloth diaper Ava, fitted type was on my top down list since it does not have any waterproof layer on it.
And what about wool cover?The price of one cover  itself would be able to cover my spending  for two pieces of Autumnz and Bumwear pocket diaper!!
But when I started to do more research about fitted and wool, my conception about these two had slowly changed and after much of consideration, I then purchased a fitted and my first ever wool longies at EverythingBabyThing store. ( Along with an extra soaker).
And the result is..... it was amazingly good!!! Even my husband is impressed on how the two seems to work out together. It  must have  a scientific explanation on how it works but lets enjoy the amazing diapering experience with fitted and wool without explaining the details any further. We can always "Google" it anytime.:))..

So why did I choose fitted and wool for night time use?
1. Both fitted and wool are breathable materials therefore my girl don't have problem with diaper rash anymore.
2.  I don't need to change in the middle of the night since this two combination can last through the night.
( Approximately up to 10 hours)
3. Wool can be use over and over again(after used, just hang and air-dry it) every night and wash it every three weeks.
4.The wool would absorb urine from the fitted which makes baby feels a cool and dry sensation on her skin .

Description about fitted :
a. The design is very unique because there is no PUL material but I never experienced any leak.( Of course must combine it with wool)
b. As you all know all the materials are absorbent.
For overnight fitted, one must have up to 10 or more total absorbent material whether it is made from layers of bamboo, hemp or cotton. But if the fitted only has total of 8 or 9 layers of absorbency, it can be add up by using an extra soaker which can be purchased  separately. Extra soaker usually consist of 2 to 6 layers of absorbent material.
 Four pieces of fitteds and One pair of wool should be enough for one baby/toddler (If only use for overnight diapering)..

How about wool?
Invest a good brand of wool soaker or longies. Whichever mentioned either felted or merino wool are suitable for night time cover over fitted. The wool must be fully lanolize to make it become waterproof yet breathable. Wool only can be wash with wool soap and lanolize it with pure lanolin.(Baby shampoo also work best on washing wools but a lanolin solution must have in the list)
Basically all the wetness will be pull outwards to the wool and then slowly evaporated thus living baby's skin  feeling dry and cool.

With the combination of good fitted and wool, not only I can say goodbye on diaper change in the middle of the night (except when she happens to poop) but also left with a dry mattress when the morning comes .

(This post is solely based in my personal experience.)


Serene said...

Hi Sheena, since the wool can really absorb urine and it can be use over and over again, so would it be any stinky smell leave on the wool after few day unwashed?

Just curiuos.... I'm not into fitted yet i think some fitted are really good for night diapering.

Sheena said...

I think fitted will act like a filter, so the actual urine materials stayed in the fitted and only water got pulled to the wool and eventually evaporated.And indeed the wool is stinky after every use but once you air-dry it, the smell would be disappear completely. But if you can still smell the stinky urine after the whole day you air/hang-dry it, then you know its time to wash it. :).
Suggestion a few fitteds which is suitable for night time diapering:
Graham Bear Wear.
Poverty Jane
Oh Happy Baby
BabyBeehind Night Nappy and others.....:)

Sheena said...

Oh ya..and also Bamboolite Premium fitted!!:)

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