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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All About Zoey.....

18th July marked the date when Zoey turned 1 year old!!!
We had a small gathering to celebrate Zoey's birthday and here are the pixs to tell the story...

Ava ,"hmmmm.... Should I press this button?"
Zoey, " Oh oh need to stay posh in front of the camera,"

Zoey: " Ava, let me show you how to play my colorful piano, hmmm this is do, re....mi?Right mummy?"
Ava : "Please don't mind me, this stick looks like roasted chicken drumstick, Zoey do you mind if i take a bite?"

"Mummy why do I have to take my lunch first?..but Ava and Zoey has start playing already"

Yum-yum. My name is Damian & I lurve my lunch. 

My girl was half naked!!!She was sweating a lot and we need to do frequent changing. Plus she was showing her Eli Monster fitted diaper.hehe

The cute and adorable Zoey..

Okay let me read you Dr Seuss Book.
Mr Brown is so smart he can make the sound of a cow. He can go moo moo...

I am not a baby anymore..I am a toddler!!!

"And this is where the bad giant octopus hide himself from Ultraman after he lose his power...the end."
This photo was kind of blur, I cannot help but to post it because I love to see the happy and exited faces of both parent!!

The yummy birthday cake from Secret Recipe..seriously these prune cake is very addictive...

Zoey really knows how to pose in front of the camera.

Where are all the cherries? 
hahhaha...Now you see it, now you don't. 

"Zoey are we going to play in the pool for your birthday?"
Ava sitting comfortably on Zoey's baby-san
Now its Reixin turn to try Zoey's float and her baby-san
"Look eyes to the right and tongue to the left"

Happy Birthday Zoey!!!!!

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